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Affordable Weddings Hawaii

Getting married in Hawaii doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, a Hawaii wedding can be much more affordable than a traditional wedding.

Experience More | Reduce Stress | Create Memories of a Lifetime | Spend Less 

“Affordable Weddings Hawaii” was one of our first websites built decades ago. Our branded website, Weddings of Hawaii, is what we’ve grown to become. And although we’re not currently offering wedding packages on this site, it’s hard for us to let the URL fade away. We hope to build this site over time with tips and packages to help couples plan their dream wedding in paradise.

In 1978 our family started performing weddings in Hawaii, and we’ve helped couples from all over the world plan their destination wedding on beautiful beaches and private wedding venues throughout the state of Hawaii, all for less than the cost of a traditional wedding.

Please visit us at Weddings of Hawaii for help with planning your destination wedding.

why Have an affordable wedding?

Affordable Hawaii Wedding Venues

Natural beauty is what makes it easy to have an affordable Hawaii wedding.

By far the most affordable wedding venues in Hawaii are at the beaches and parks that make Hawaii so magical. While not all beaches are permitted for weddings, you can plan your romantic ceremony at many beaches throughout the state.

For couples wanting more seclusion, there are also several private venues that are more affordable than you’d imagine. 

A popular option for many couples with guests is to get married at a private venue and then have a photo shoot at a beach or on lava rocks. 

For elopements, many couples prefer to find a quiet spot on the beach or at a small private venue.